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Our history

“Our company’s long history began in the early 1960s, when our father Walter and our mother Miranda decided to take over a small grocery store in San Marino. Day after day, with immense effort, courage and passion, dedicating their whole life to the business, they built up this firm, which grew with them and with us. Today, ours is a modern business, ready to face the future of commerce with great experience, contributing our family’s history and our shared dreams. Tradition and innovation.”


Our logistics

Logistics is the basis of our entire distribution organisation, so from the outset, we have always concentrated energy and resources on rationalising and optimising every step of the process. Naturally, the aim is to constantly streamline and strengthen performances. These are the main advantages of our system:

More services for our partners

Option of receiving deliveries straight from the factory

Great care over packaging and load damage avoidance

High level efficiency in reception of goods from suppliers

Fewer stock breakages

Saving on direct and indirect costs

Faster shipments to customers, with deliveries in 24/48h

Shipments by own courier

Optimising for success

In an increasingly competitive market, resources must be optimised to ensure success.
Therefore, it is fundamental for every established or aspiring retailer to be able to work with a sound, efficient organisation, with an experienced staff and know-how built up over the years. This enables individual retailers access, at low organisational and financial costs, to services now indispensable for a competitive approach to the market, constantly offering their customers a fresh, innovative formula.

Purchasing department:

to obtain the best conditions from the industry, in terms of articles, novelties and special offers.

Marketing consulting:

assortment strategy designed to increase margins and earnings per m2.

Logistics platform:

to reduce point-of-sale stock, with the guarantee of on-time delivery of exactly the goods ordered.

Point-of-sale organisation:

layout optimisation (design of layout by product families) and display (design of layout of articles on the shelves) techniques.

Marketing department:

promotional fliers and programmes to continually attract and retain existing and potential customers.

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