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Looking for your ideal brand?


The local drugstore that combines the assortment and savings of a hypermarket with the care and attention of the small specialist retailer: the ideal formula for those wishing to invest in a fast-growing sector with great development potential.

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The personal and home care corner tailored to measure for your store: an innovative, up-to-date shop-in-shop formula that provides a new shopping option for the end customer and a new business opportunity for those wishing to differentiate their offerings.

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We believe in visual merchandising

To improve products’ sell-out, we personally train staff and provide a constant digital advisory service through exclusive software.

We aid store earnings margins

A carefully managed start-up process and the monitoring of every store’s business enable us to check performances and implement constant strategies to improve margins and rotation.

We increase average purchase values!

We increase upselling and create the conditions to extend cross-selling, by providing you with all the tools you need for the best sales strategy.

We optimise the capability for sell-out consulting.

Our training is intended to constantly increase the abilities of all our partners, so staff will be involved in constant make-up training run directly by the partner company.

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